We at like electronics - TVs, mobile phones, laptops, printers ... Especially if they are at very convenient prices. We created because high quality electronic products do not necessarily have to cost much.

Whether you buy a factory refurbished product or a new product from RЕ, we guarantee the most convenient price on the market. This is because the goods arrive at our warehouse directly from the official European distributors.

Convenient prices and stable maintenance. Service of all our products during the warranty period is ensured by the authorized service centers of the respective brands.


What does a refurbished phone mean?

The refurbished smartphone is a phone that has been returned to the manufacturer for some reason by the customer. This was followed by a series of specialized tests - over 40 test points from a qualified service team to determine the reason for returning the phone and to maximize its work capacity. This involves the work of a team of service technicians who aim to transform the device into one that looks and works like new, using only quality and original parts.

The advantage of buying a refurbished phone is its attractive price, with a discount between 30% and 70% compared to a new product. And the fact that it has undergone a redesign process guarantees the prolongation of the phone's life by installing the latest version of the software and replacing the old components with new ones. For these reasons, it is a very good and reliable purchase !!!

We at, stand behind the quality of our phones and offer a 12-month warranty, so during this period, if you need, you can request a repair of the product.

Purchasing a refurbished phone will give you:

The desired phone, 100% functional, with an aesthetic look like new, slight possible traces of use. The latest version of the software

Compatible accessories: charger and data cable. 12-month warranty, valid from the moment of purchase Personalized box with our logo.

What does a second hand mean?

These are items that have been used. They have passed all the necessary tests before being launched for sale and are in perfect technical condition, with some visible traces of use. We offer them in a set together with a power supply device, cable and our branded box, for which we offer a 6-month warranty period.

What does a demo phone mean?

Our demonstration templates are items that have been displayed as samples / promotional products or that have served as advertising templates, but have not been used for personal use. They cannot be distinguished from unpackaged models, and before being launched for sale we subject them to detailed specialized tests to ensure their perfect operation. Unlike our counterparts, which offer only 12 months, we offer a 24-month warranty, thanks to the confidence that our demonstration devices work normally and will serve you for a long time. The set includes our beaded box, 220V adapter and data cable. The difference with the new item is that you pay more for it and receive less warranty.

What does a new product mean? offers brand new products delivered to us only from official distributors of the brand in Europe . All the products are with official factory warranty of 12 or 24 months.

What is factory reconditioned (Factory Refurbished) product ?

Largest manufacturers and retailers of electronics allow customers to return to the store each item purchased from them within 2 weeks of purchase . In the most common case, it just does not meet the customer's needs. Returned item is sent back to the factory where the manufacturer is checked for defects and repackaged , ie revised to state "as new". All devices of this type are available with 6, 12 or 24 months warranty.

Lowest price guarantee: we are behind our prices!

Sometimes pursuing a convenient purchase could cost more money and time than saving us money. Since is an outlet for electronic products, we always guarantee you the lowest price. Our traders are always committed to obtaining low prices and superior quality. If you find an identical product at a lower price within 7 days of its purchase, you will receive from us that product with a 10% discount on the price offered by the competition. This proposal is not valid for offers and promotions offered via the Internet.